April 12th Pendulum Ritual/Class

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April 12th Pendulum Ritual/Class

Postby Nerilaith » Sun Apr 01, 2007 11:33 am

For those who did not receive the paper containing instructions prior to my ritual. Please pass this to those who have not received them.

Materials to make Pendulum Realms

- pendulum, any or all you have

- plain white construction paper or small white poster board (approx. 12x9 in.)

- 1 ruler with cm. markings (has to be at least 30 cm. long) or a ruler that's at least 12 in. long

- 1 compass (circle-drawing kind)

- 1 # 2 pencil (or # 3) with an eraser

- 1 box of colored pencils, crayons, or markers (be sure to have these 17 colors: black, white, gray, pink, red, green, peach, aqua, indigo, purple, burgundy, lime, yellow, brown, violet, orange, blue - if there is no white, it's fine, you can leave the space for white blank on the construction paper or poster board)

* It would work best if your pendulum is cleansed first. You can cleanse it by full moonlight, sunlight, sea salt, water (if it's constructed of a stone that is sensitive to salt and/or water, do not cleanse it that way) or positive energy.

* Be sure to have a name for your pendulum. In order to find out your pendulum's name, hold its chain in your power hand, dangling the pendulum over the opposite palm, and ask politely questions such as, "Are you named for an angel? A tree? A fairy?" If it says yes (swinging up and down) over your palm, ask if it's .. any random name, until it's affirmative. Or you can just ask any random name, it doesn't have to be named for anything.

* It would work for the better if you are polite to your pendulum, calling it by name when beginning each question, and saying "please" during and "thank you" after.

* It would be best to know what you want to have your chart made for beforehand. If you don't know what you want your chart to be made for, ask your pendulum politely. When it gives you an affirmative answer, but you don't know what to put in your chart, again, ask your pendulum for 17 different listings, asking if it wants "this or that" in the chart/realm. Make a list of what you and/or your pendulum come up with. For example, if making a realm chart about medicinal herbs, and you come up with herbs such as lavender and chamomile, but you don't know what else to put in, ask your pendulum, "so-and-so, please tell me if you want .. mint to be in your realm". If it says yes, mark it down on the list. DO NOT mark it down in a chart just yet.

* In some cases, two or more listings can be put in the same colored area on the chart, as long as they are similar. Be sure to consult your pendulum about it before deciding to combine two or more into one. For example, if you have spearmint and peppermint in a listing (to go with the example of the chart for herbs), you can ask your pendulum if it's ok to combine them, for both to be in the same listing. If they can, count them as one, not two separate listings. In other words, if they're already included in 17 listings and you combine them, you would have 16 listings and would have to come up with a 17th.

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